My name is Annette and No Ordinary Travel is  about me having fun. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a mom, I love to travel, and I have been a paranormal investigator for most of my adult life. Some of my travels are paranormal adventures while others are family vacations.  My hope is to give readers a perspective of travel they won't always find in travel guides.  Some of my adventures are fun and casual  while others are luxurious and sophisticated.  More often than not you will probably find my taste a little eccentric or macabre.  Because I am very much into the paranormal, it shows a lot in my travel choices.

I love all travel......from day excursions, to road trips, to trips to other countries and continents. Nothing is too small or too grand!  Sometimes we stay in hotels and resorts, and sometimes we rent locations in unheard of neighborhoods so we can see how the locals really live.  The goal is for me to experience all that I can with my family and friends, and to share the things I learn with my readers.

Check out my calendar of events and join me on an adventure!  I keep my events small.  I don't believe in packing dozens of people into a location for the sake of making money.  My events are anywhere from 6 people to 10-15 max depending on the type and size of the location.  If you are looking to have a paranormal adventure of your own or for your own paranormal team, contact me and I am happy to help!  



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